Michigan Ashpalt Plant

From start to finish.

Pyramid Paving is your start to finish company. We specialize in drainage, subbase, base, and top.

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Pyramid Paving's Services

Fine Grading

Pyramid Paving has multiple grade crews that prepare jobs for the final stages of construction.

Our grade crews will shape and compact the sub base before the asphalt is applied to ensure proper water flow and depth of material. This is one of the most crucial points of any project. Standing or slow moving water will cause headaches for property owners during winter when ice builds up, and in the long run when the parking lot crumbles under the destroying forces of water caused by heavy rains.

Grading at the Dixie Motor Speedway

American Roots

Pyramid Paving and our employees enjoy and embrace the American heritage of the company.

Latest News

September 29th, 2020

Be sure to check michigan.gov/mdot to check for construction & weather advisories!